Align adjacent dynamics

I did search.

I thought I remember hearing that adjacent dynamics always align. Sometimes when I have an existing dynamic and add a crescendo leading up to it, for example, it aligns… and sometimes it doesn’t.

Am I imagining this auto-align behavior?

If you create them together in the popover: e.g. “p<f”, then they will be aligned. The selected notes at time of popover control the length.

I’m not sure how to get existing dynamics to line up. Sometimes, Grouping (or is it linking?) does it, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Dynamics are only aligned automatically if they belong to the same group, right? Which shifts the question to “when do they end up in the same group automatically?”… Entering them in one go will certainly put them in the same group.

Grouping dynamics should always align them. Otherwise it’s Align Dynamics from the context menu in Engrave Mode.

Information about groups of dynamics here and here

Aligning dynamics here

By chance, I am actually doing dynamics today. However, I’m still not getting aligned dynamics when I use Engrave mode > Align dynamics.
Screenshot 9.png

Ben, Align Dynamics does NOT work in grand staff instrument (piano). It’s been written, and I guess that’s what you’re experiencing :wink:

Ah. That explains it. Thanks, Marc.