Align Audio not working properly

Recorded to 3 bar vocal riffs, ms off in a few places on purpose. Instantiated Align, imported the reference track (#1), same with the track to align to #1. It looked weird graphically, the track to be aligned shifted well forward, even though the both started within 7-10 ms of each other.
After pressing “Align Audio”, the result was some really weird offset audio, way off, not even close.

Could the .10 update have caused this? Are there any preferences that need to be set in the Preferences? The top Screenshot shows my recorded audio, and what happened after I imported both files as per instruction. The 2nd Screen Shot shows the result AFTER clicking the Align Audio button. I have Revoice 4, but when I need to do it even quicker, I wanted to employ this feature.

Not seeing my screen shots…trying again. It won’t let me add the screen shots…says "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached."What’s THAT about???

Mine has not worked since 10 came out. I am about to try the update but nervous now.

I’m running the new update. Align not working properly. I’m about to check something. I record using the Townsend Labs Sphere mic system…which mandates you record on a STEREO channel. In realty, there is a left/right appearance, but the recorded audio is actually mono…a combination of front and back capsule. I wonder if that’s what is affecting the Align?
I will work on an older session, where I recorded vocals on mono tracks with a standard mono microphone. I’ll rig them a bit out of whack, and see if the Auto Align works. I have my doubts, and believe it’s a bug in the update.