Align audio question

Cubase 10 users :

I’m curious about something.

What happens if you take an audio event, duplicate it on a different track, and reverse the phase of the duplicated event? Will it still align correctly? Does it null or does the function reverse the phase to match?

I’m not sure but i think it has nothing to do with frequencies and sound. It is only a time correction tool that looks at transients/hitpoints and will align track events.
But i can try it and post the results.

Please do!

The reason I’m asking, is that a few of my OTB effects and printed VST tracks have a bit of latency (even with latency compensation) compared to their source events.

Then a few of those end up phase inverted.

In this scenario (about twice per project) I have to compensate this by manually flipping phase, and re-align events.

In a 80 ++++ track project this is often something I’d rather not have to think about.

If this thing does both align and correct anti-phase, I’m buying cubase 10 asap!

Please anyone

Okay so I got my answer

Align audio won’t correct phase on identical events with inverted phase


This is a problem… you take an event… duplicate it on another track, and move it.

Use the align audio function. Your two identical events will NOT be lined up properly