Align Audio To Midi

Okay, so often I have someone sing some lyrics I came up with and since there’s no vocals yet they can listen to (and I can’t sing) I usually use a vst instrument (for example piano) and just play the melody so the singer can use it as orientation point.
More often than not it’s still far off of what I want to achieve but we’ve been in session for almost two hours already. It’s usually the small details, the “groove” that’s off.

Would it be possible to align vocals to midi notes, e.g. “audio quantize” them, but not to a grid but starting points of midi notes. Even if it doesn’t sound perfect, it would be a good starting point for another session.

not at home to double check, but i think you can drag midi onto the quantize panel to make a groove out of it? then you can press Q on the audio event to quantize it with that groove. interested in this as well

Wouldn’t Vari-audio do this for you?

Can you explain how?