Align Bar numbers

Hi…fairly New to Dorico so getting my head around many things at once, so forgive me if my question is really obvious. How can I align the bas numbers?

ScreenHunter 3746

You can do this for each layout independently: Layout Options > Bar Numbers > Align bar numbers across width of system. Also in the manual here.

Thank you!

I have another question in regards with Expression Maps. How do I manage when there are 2 conflicting techniques? IE I might want to notate a harmonic but also there is a slur indicating legato. How do I tell DORICO not to trigger the legato sample instead of the Harmonic? I kind of guessed it might be the Mutual Exclusion Groups TAB - I have read the manual abut I don’t understand how I can tell DORICO which one takes priority (if I can).

It depends on how the sounds are produced, and which combinations are accommodated by your library. One possibility would be to define an explicit combination of, say, legato plus harmonic, and then specify whichever behaviour you actually want to hear. Another possibility would be to define, say, harmonic as an add-on rather than a base switch. But it really depends on the sound library you’re using and how the sounds are implemented there.

Thank you so much - that actually worked perfectly! I will probably ask more questions about implementing the expression map as I keep working though it, if that’s ok.

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