"Align Beats to Project" button make glitch at >44.1khz

Just wondering if anyone else experience such a problem like in this video:



If i’d sync with project tempo in loopbrowser my loop at 128bpm for example by pressing “Align Beats to Project” button, everything works just fine with project 44100 hz. The more i will increase sample rate, for example 88200 hz in my case, the more audible become glitch when i activate “Align Beats to Project” button. And if i will import loop to project, it works just fine, without any glitches. The problem is only in loopbrowser/medibay when i’m previewing loop in samplerates higher than 44100 sync. with project tempo by “Align Beats to Project” button.

Please let me know if anybody else experience such a problem.

Just checked Cubase 6.0.5 patch announcement and saw this:

“8) MediaBay: Enabling the “Align beats to project” and “Wait for project play” options no longer leads to playback issues with loops in the MediaBay previewer.”

Not sure if it’s the same, cuz it’s not mentioned about different samplerates problems, but hopefully this will solve the problem in my case.

Please try to reproduce the same situation. Will this bug works for U as well.