Align beats to project not working

Hi there,
I’m using Cubase 10 and 11 and seem to have a consistent problem with both versions on my windows machine. When using the MediaBay to browse samples, only roughly 40% of the time do the samples ever play at the correct tempo of the project when using the Align beats to project button.
It seems very inconsistent and i’m wondering if there is some configuration else were I need to change to make this work?
The samples are usually around 122 - 125 and the project i’m working in is only 127bpm so its not anything incredible faster etc. I just updated my Cubase 11 to the latest update too but its not helped. The samples are all just standard wavs too.
Any help would be appreciated!


The samples need to have their own tempo stored in the metadata or this will not work.

Nevertheless, if the tempo is stored properly but the change is as small as 5 bpm or less, it makes it very hard to hear the difference during the preview. I also happened to tell myself “why is the tempo preview not working?” while in reality it was working, but the change in tempo was something like 3 bpm…

But the sample itself is 120BPM and your project is 127BPM, the align beats to project speeds up the sample to the exact same tempo as the project. If it doesn’t work anymore then surely its a bug? Its very intermittent too. i.e. Its worked absolutely fine for 24 months+ and its only recently its started acting weird. I wasn’t sure if I changed a setting or something within the project. When its acting strange, no matter the same, the align beats to project button doesn’t do anything at all. It just plays it at its standard speed.

Are you sure the Tempo metadata is included in the file ? (and not just stated in the file name)

i’m not sure if any of the samples contains any tempo metadata (they are either my own ripped, or samples off Splice) but i’m guessing that doesn’t matter because the issue is intermittent. So the same samples in the MediaBay (1000s of them), same project one day all work fine (literally every single one, no matter how different the BPM of them all are) when pressing the align beats to project button i.e they do what it should do & snap to the project tempo and preview perfect. Then a few days later, same project, sample samples previewed in the MediaBay and they all just play at their own regular speed i.e completely different tempo to the project regardless of the Align beats to project button pressed. I right clicked on the sample directory and re-scanned them to see if that helped when the issue happens but it didn’t make a difference. What is quite bizarre though is that rebooting windows fixes it sometimes! Luckily its only recently this issue has started happening & its not all the time so I might just have to persevere.

The Cubase manual doesn’t specifically state whether or not if tempo metadata is required within the file for the MediaBay / Align Beats to Project function to work.

So I think it’s worth investigating into this potential issue further.