align dynamics....again

I do know this has been asked before and I searched more than an hour for answers, but I still do not understand how to align the dynamics in this picture. I didn’t change the min. distance to staves in Engraving options. I didn’t change their off-set in properties. I try to group them, ungroup them, align them. Nothing happens. Getting the feeling that the slurs are game-breakers here.
You might say the picture looks fine the way it is. But that’s not the point. If I want to align them, it should be possible and, imho, it should be easy…
btw I prefer not to work with grouped dynamics, it’s constantly resulting in all kinds of enigmatic behaviour: dynamics that are vanishing or getting doubled, etc.

Unfortunately, Align Dynamics (which would normally be the answer to this question), which you can use in Engrave mode to align dynamics that are not part of the same group, doesn’t work for dynamics between the staves of a grand staff instrument. So the only way to do this at the moment automatically would be to group them.

Please tell me, Daniel, do your answers contain some magical powers? They seem not only tell mé what to do, but they also tell ‘my’ Dorico what to do. I tried this, yesterday evening and today, over and over again, but it didn’t work. Now, after your answer, it does. Magic…!!

Dan’s the man!