Align dynamics fighting with Linking

It seems that every time I try to Align dynamics in one staff, this moves the linked dynamics in other staves – even if I’ve just aligned those ones.

I can’t Unlink in Engrave mode, and I can’t Align in Write mode. It seems that Linking is only useful in the Writing stage, but then I need to unlink everything when it comes to the Engraving stage.

Or am I missing something?

Linked dynamics do currently use the same vertical position on every staff, so yes, you will need to unlink them if you want them to have different positions relative to the staves to which they belong. This is something we would like to change in future.

Thanks, Daniel.

Somewhat ‘out of my comfort zone’ working on a filthy contemporary score. :rofl:

One other issue: sometimes the alignment doesn’t happen:



… and I need to manually Alt-Down once to fix it.

During entry dynamics are grouped only where they abut rhythmically. For example if you select that mf I expect only the preceding hairpin will be blue.

I copied this, selected all the dynamics and ungrouped, then re-grouped them all at once, and they aligned properly.