‘Align dynamics’ greyed out in Dorico 2.2.10

Since I started using Dorico 2.2.10 I have never seen the context menu item Align dynamics other than greyed out and so not available. Do other people see this? (Admittedly, much the same result can be achieved with Group dynamics.)

Kim, are you in Engrave Mode?

Align dynamics works in Engrave mode AND in non-grand-staff instruments (don’t ask me why…)

Marc, grouping is global but aligning is layout-specific. If you’ve grouped dynamics in one layout, it may not make sense in another layout (where the system breaks are in different places). Using the Align function works around this.

Thanks for this information, Leo! The “don’t ask me why” thing was more about grand-staff instruments not having access to “align dynamics”, not about engrave mode. I could have been more clear. Maybe that’s just a limitation that will disappear with some update.

You are right — I am not. Grrr :wink:
Well, the journey continues.