"Align Dynamics" not working as expected

It may be possible I’m not understanding the Align Dynamics function properly.

Below is a screen capture of me attempting to align dynamics. You can see I’m unable to align all the selected dynamics. Not sure why. (By the way, the context menu is outside the capture window, but I’m clicking “Align Dynamics” every time.)

I’ve regularly had trouble with this function working as expected.

I have found it helpful to filter and select all dynamics then ungroup and unlink them before aligning

Thanks, I’ll try that. Although per the manual

You can graphically align individually selected dynamics in a row without grouping/ungrouping them… The selected dynamics are aligned in a row with the dynamic within the selection that was furthest from the staff. This does not affect their grouping or their alignment in other layouts.

Maybe it’s because the first hairpin starts on the previous system? With the complete selection, I wonder if you would get the mp to align if you ungrouped it first.

It looks to me like a bug of some kind, but I’ll need to see the project to diagnose this problem.

I’ve also been seeing this behavior, I’ll see if I can replicate it when I’m in front of my computer.

It’s a client file, so I’ve emailed it to you, along with the info about one specific spot it’s happening. Thanks.

Is this a bug? I am having the same problem April 2021.

Again, I’ll need to see the project file itself to be able to advise.

(For this command to work at all, you need to be in Engrave mode, and the dynamics can’t be between the staves of a grand staff instrument.)