Align imported audio file to the tempo in Elements 10.5

Is there a way to match an imported stereo file to the click/tempo in elements 10.5?


Enable the Musical Mode on the Audio Event, please.

thanks for your response Martin. i imported a track from a CD but when I set the file to musical it does speed the file up but it doesn’t match the tempo i set in cubase. what step am i missing?

To set the correct tempo for the file.


Cubase tries to detect the tempo of the Audio file, what could be very hard task for a computer and algorithm. So it seems Cubase didn’t detect the tempo correct, therefore it doesn’t match at the end.

Then you have to do it manually.

i think the manual adjust may not be in elements 10.5 as there doesnt seem to be a definition section in the sample editor. unless theres another way to access it


I don’t say it’s as easy as it is in Cubase Pro, but there are ways. You can cut the Audio events and stretch it, for example.