Align MIDI notes


How do I align midi notes to another midi note?


To the right of the Snap On/Off button you can set the Snap Type. Set it to Events.

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I selected events but how do I then align one or more selected notes to another note?

Got it now, it was a bit unclear to me as there are multiple notes in the sequence in one measure quite close, and I was focussing on trying to align it with just one. I wanted to kind of pick the note to which to align all the selected notes. But I see how the user interface works now on that.


Is there are a way to align multiple notes with a single note? If I select notes and align one, the rest move relatively but don’t align.

Yeah, when you select & move notes they will move relative to each other & only the first one will will snap to where you want. You could move them one by one, but if you have a bunch of notes… Probably it’s easiest to quantize the note starts for the ones you want to move so they are all aligned with each other before you move them.

I would try choosing the note you want to align to so that its particulars are listed in the info line and then add the other notes to the selection. If you hold down the CTRL key and retype one of the start numbers in the info line (not actually moving the note), that might do the trick.

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The MIDI Logic Editor can also be used to easily do batch type edits to many events in one step.

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