Align Multiple Audio Events to Cursor Point/Single Event

Currently, it is possible to align a single audio event to the event above/below it, or to a cursor as described here:

I was wondering if it is possible (and how to do it) to align, say, 30 audio events to a single cursor ponit/audio event with one click?

For example, if I select the top event and ctrl click, i would have to ctrl click all 30 events below the top event to get everything aligned.

I would like to be able to select all thirty event and align to the top event (or cursor point) with a single click. Is there a way to do this?

I tried Shuffle mode and moving all the events to the front (left most part) of the project, which does line them all up, but also displaces everything else in the project around.


Hi birdjunk,

I do it that way:
select alle Events top to end, then go to the > info line > “Event start” (multiple events = yellow), hold STRG + press ENTER. (CTRL + ENTER on Mac)
Now all selected events are aligned.
You can drag/drop this events to magnetic Cursor together e.g.

Amazing! Thank you!

FYI, for me, it was CTRL + ENTER on Windows 10 as well.

Also, just in case someone else runs into this, I discovered that if the top track in the selection is a folder, the START gets grayed out and you cannot select it. But if the top track is an Audio Track (I’d imagine any kind of track, but a folder track), the START is yellow and the method you described works. See below.
Not Working (Folder Track Top Selected):

Working (Audio Track Top Selected:

Thanks again, this will be a huge time saver!