Align pitch of multiple audio tracks

Is there a trick to “align” the pitch of multiple audio tracks in cubase with audio alignment and variaudio ?
Like revoice pro does, but without using revoice, but instead just using cubase.


If you select multiple Audio Events and open Sample Editor > VariAudio, you can see all the VariAudio events for all selected Audio Events. Then you can select multiple (or all) VariAudio events and edit them at once.

can’t figure out how to move all notes to certain position in multiple tracks, they just move in relation to their original position.
lets say some of the notes are E2 +50 cents, E2 +24 cents, E2 -10, etc,
I want them all to be at E2 +10 cents, but when I try to move them to E2 +10cents only one note will end up at E2 +10cents others will end at the pitches depending from the position they were moved.
E2 +50 will be E2 +10, E2 +24 will be E2 -24, E2 -10 will be E2 -50


I see, this is not possible. It works only the relative way.