Align strumming

Hey all.

Recorded some guitar.

Strumming is a bit out of meter.

Have a Cubase DVD which shows how to use AudioWarp to pull the audio forward or back.
Intended to use this to try to align the strumming to the beat.

Alas, I have Cubase elements and the function is not available.

Any other ideas?


Aloha K,

I move individual audio tracks quite often to get things in sync
and I do not use AudioWarp to do it.

Just make sure ‘Snap/quantize’ etc is ‘off’ and then
grab the track and move it back (or forth) till your
ears tell you things are in sync.

I have even had to ‘cut up’ the track into many many many many
‘parts’ and work on each one separately to make things sound correct;
but it can be done.

If you are using typical mono/stereo audio tracks (and unless you are using Melodyne)
you won’t be able to adjust each note within the strum so you will have to decide
where in the strum you want the ‘beat’ to fall.

This takes a lil patience and practice but it can successfully be done.

If you are using MIDI tracks this procedure can be a piece of cake.

Good Luck!