If I were to move hairpins and dynamics etc… were they don’t align anymore, is there a way to align them?

Dear Nicholas,
for some reason your posts are displayed in very small font, hardly recognisable. I don’t know, what is happening there.

Dear k_b,

Do you mean the first post here looks strange on your computer ? It looks perfectly normal to me…

Dear Nicholas,

Aligning dynamics is a field where there room for improvement in Dorico. If you enter dynamics at once in the popover, for instance p<mf<ff those five items will be aligned. But it is not possible yet to have all dynamic items aligned. This is for next updates, as I remember. In engrave mode, you can move them if it is problematic. Just to let you know that this subject has already been discussed in the very early days of Dorico.

I am on my smartphone…, that could be e reason…
Never mind :slight_smile: