Aligning accidentals in Busoni example

Hi I’m trying to make some Dorico 3.5 examples from the Busoni Chaconne Peters edition. Mostly Dorico does pretty well with it but i hit a problem with accidentalsPetersBusoni2


The first image is the Peters edition with the lh stem going up on the chord with 2 C#s. Dorico copies this ok but only with the stem going down. Layout changes and accidental alignment if the stem goes up. Is there a solution to get the layout exactly copy the Peters edition. If i change stem direction or swap voices i get this in Dorico

Thanks a lot

The global options at your disposal are in Notation Options > Voices.

The general local quick fix is to grab the notes that fall simultaneously (e.g. the 1st inversion A7 on the second beat) and right-click/Edit > Voices > Swap Voice Order. What this does, behind the scenes, is set the Voice Column Index property. You can also do this manually, assuming you have Dorico Pro (or the iPad version): in Engrave mode select the note/chord you want furthest to the left and set its Voice Column Index to 0. Then select the note/chord you want to the right and set its Voice Column Index to 1.