Aligning Audio Tracks with the Grid

I am a new user to Cubase. I have AI version 10. I want to use Cubase to trigger my stage lights with the beat of imported audio tracks (Via MIDI). I have everything worked out except how to align the grid with the beat of the audio ( as provided by the click track)so that I can use the snap function. How do I align the grid with the audio track? I have created markers at each beat but that takes way too long. Any and all help is appreciated.


Unfortunately with the AI edition, you don’t have other option but do it manually beat by beat.

In Cubase Pro, we have tools to do this automatically by a few mouse clicks.

Thank you for the quick response. I will have to budget for pro.

Hello Martin, I now have cubase 11 pro. Can you tell me which tools would allow me to march the grid with the beat of my imported audio?


You can use the Project > Tempo Detection function in Cubase Pro.

That worked great! Are there any scripting tools or methods to insert a midi note at specific points?


Could you be more specific, please?

Yes, I’ll be specific, thanks: My project is to change scenes on my stage lights in sync with an imported audio click track. I upgraded to PRO 11 and using tempo detect and the click track I can now use the snap function to the beats. This is powerful. What would be more powerful and time saving would be an editing tool that would let me type where to insert a note, and duration into my track rather than drawing it. The Marker window is an example of a tabular form that is already used. If there were a similar table where I could enter the note that I want (-co), duration (1 beat, or x sec), and location (measure 2, marker 2, or other coordinate as reqd) it would be pure magic. Thanks for all of the help.


Use the List Editor, please. I believe this is what you are searching for.