Aligning chord symbols

Say I create a chord track and set up chord symbols on every bar.
What happened to me the other day is that, as I played around with time warping to handle an audio track, bar lengths, naturally, changed. But then, I noticed the chord symbols had become completely misaligned.


  1. Is there a way to ensure chord symbols remain pegged to the bar or beat they were set at?
  2. Is there a way to align a bunch of chord symbols rather than, as I did, having to align each one, one by one?
  3. Am I doing something wrong here?

Is this what you are asking about?

With “resolve display conflicts” turned on, zoomed in a little.

With “resolve display conflicts” turned off

With “resolve display conflicts” turned off but zoomed in (showing why the “resolve display conflicts” button exists- it trades overlapping for vertical checkerboarding)

Thanks for your reply, but no, that is not it. I mean if my chord symbols actually get misaligned from the beats, is there a general way of aligning them all, other than dragging them one by one?

Ah, now I understand.

With the Warp Grid tool in its Musical Events Follow mode (from the drop down on the tool) the chords stay pegged to their bar positions, as long as the Chord track is in Musical timebase mode.

Also, you can quantize them as you would other objects.

Ah, great, thank you!!

What did you mean by “Also, you can quantize them as you would other objects”?

Simply select a chord and hit Quantize (as you would for any other event in the Project window). The chord will move to a grid line.

Does this project not have any midi tracks? I noticed that if there is no midi track in the project Quantize commands are not available for the Chord track.

Yes, it has midi tracks. Strangely enough, when I tried Quantize on a chord symbol yesterday, it´s end aligned itself with the following beat, rather than its beginning with the previous beat. I even switched to bar, instead of beat, and it still went to the next beat instead of the previous bar. ??

Hm. I didn’t know that was possible, as Chord Track chords have no length. I’ve only seen it quantize properly, with the exception of the needing-a-midi-track problem.

Thanks for your time. I will keep on testing. Not a life or death issue, fortunately.