Aligning cue-slze notes

In the screenshot below, the cue-size note on the bottom is right-aligned by default, and I need it to be center-aligned. In order to center it, I have to change it to a different voice, set the voice column index to 1, and manually move it in note spacing.

Is there an easier way? This can get tedious when there are lots of these. I’d like to make a request for this to be an engraving option: Cue-size notes center-aligned (or right, or left). Thanks.

For switching right/left, you don’t need an Engraving Option - you just need to Flip (using F), so that the invisible downstem becomes upstem or vice-versa.

For centre alignment, no, I can’t think of a quicker way than what you’re doing.

There have been discussions about this in the past on other forums, especially as concerns the alignment between whole notes and other note values. Since whole notes are wider than the others, and everything is left-aligned, they look offset.

Finale couldn’t do this natively, but one of the plugins was able to nudge all whole notes slightly to the left, yielding the following result.

At the time, the consensus was a preference for the centred whole note, especially in obvious situations like this one. I agree with Dan about cue-sized notes, but shouldn’t this apply to all notes?

P.S. Sorry about the oversized screenshots.
whole note centred.png
whole note offset.png