Aligning cuts

Trying to figure out how to make a cut on one track which aligns with a cut on another. I thought I could snap the play head to an existing cut on one track and snap the cut tool on another track to the play head, but if that’s the technique I’m not figuring it out.

I think I figured it out. Have to snap to events and cursor. Was confused because on my upgrade to 11 from 8 the term “magnetic” is gone from the snap flyout panel.


Set the Snap to Events instead of Grid.

You can do what you originally wanted to do.

To snap the play head to a cut

  • select one of the events created by the original cut
  • hit P
  • hit 1 or 2 on the numeric keyboard depending on which end you want

To cut at the same place on other tracks, select the events you want to cut and then somewhere in the edit menu(sorry not at my computer) you’ll be able to find ‘split at cursor’


Edit > Functions > Split at Cursor. The Key Command is Alt+X.

= Set Locators to Selection Range.

= Transport > Locators > Go To Left Locator Position
= Transport > Locators > Go To Right Locator Position

You could also do a Macro of these 2 steps.

If you don’t want to move your locators because of this, you can also just select the original event and use:

  • Transport > Set Project Cursor Position > Locate Selection Start [L]
  • Transport > Set Project Cursor Position > Locate Selection End [doesn’t have a Key Command assigned by default]

Thanks very much folks.