Aligning dynamics

I’ve imported some music as XML, which may be a factor. It has loads of dynamics, such as p < f > p, and while the hairpins are generally aligned with each other, the dynamic text symbols are not aligned with the hairpins. I’ve tried Grouping the Dynamics, but that hasn’t worked.

Am I missing something? I’ve reset the appearance and position of everything.

Can you cut down an indicative passage and attach it here? Off the top of my head I’m not sure what might be causing it to go wrong. I assume you’ve tried doing Reset Appearance and Reset Position as well as grouping the dynamics together?

I think it’s an issue with the XML, as if I delete and re-apply, the appearance is improved. I had reset the appearance before, but that didn’t help.

Daniel - above and beyond to be here on a Sunday. Many thanks.

It would still be interesting to see a cut-down passage of the Dorico project resulting from the MusicXML, as in theory there’s no reason why dynamics created via MusicXML import should behave any differently than dynamics you create yourself. Perhaps the dynamics are being imported with strange durations for some reason. If you e.g. delete the immediate dynamics, do the hairpins suddenly become much longer and span a larger rhythmic space?

No, I don’t see that behaviour. I’ll send you the XML, and a ‘virgin’ import Dorico document. There’s a few other errors in it, like lyric extension lines stopping short on tied notes.

When you say you’ve reset the design and position of everything, is there a possibility that some dynamics are told to display above the stave and others are set to display below the stave?