Aligning in a text box

Within one text box, how to people align tokens in columns? For instance, I want flow name, flow duration and flow composer in three aligned columns. Aligning tokens is hit or miss except for column 1 because the number of tabs required changes depending on the length of the actual text.

I might just end up using 3 text frames with matching settings (gaps after paragraphs, line spacing, vertical alignment within the text frame) etc for something like this, personally.

But you can tab multiple times to align them all to the next tab spot. And there are center and right tab stops you can make as well.

Yes, I know but when you are in text entry mode that shows tokens, you can’t tell which tab stop will align. Lillie’s idea is probably best.

One possibility (and I doubt the number of use cases would warrant the programming) is to have a key command that would temporarily expand a highlighted token. Just a thought.

In the case of a multi-flow project, and a flow-referencing token, this would need a way of knowing which flow’s info to reference.

It’s identified in the token itself.

Sorry, I didn’t explain clearly enough - in the case of a Page Template with the token {@flowTitle@}, would you want to preview that token for Flow 1 or Flow 2 or the longest title or the shortest title? That information isn’t identified in the token.

Yes, I see your point. It would only be applicable to flow specific tokens in text boxes, not on page templates.