Aligning loops to tempotrack -Urgent

Aligning loops to tempo track -Urgent

Hi, i have loop track that I can’t fix a tempo to. I used the tempo detection function and it gives me a tempo track which shows the tempo varying between 95 and 98 bpm. I want to drop in some loops from the loop browser and when I use the loop audition button the tempos match but when I insert it into the project the change and are out of sync. How do I get them to match in the project?

Urgent Help please. i have to have this finished today.


Is there anyone out that can help?..Please.

Maybe we need a few more details?
First, have I understood this correctly?.. you have an audio track containing a loop, and, already, it doesn’t match Cubase’s metronome? You want to make the metronome match the loop (or the other way round?), and, once the two are in sync, you wish to add some loops from the Loop Browser?
What is the source of your original loop? Is its tempo (supposedly) constant? Is it just a couple of bars long, or plays linearly for the duration of the song? (i.e; without needing to be repeated).
I’d be inclined to use the TimeWarp Tool on the original audio track (plenty of details how to do that in the manual, and also many posts in these forums… some of them might still be in the Cubase 7 forum). Seeing as how the source material is a loop, you should be able to to use the TimeWarp Tool to drag a Cubase barline to match the end of the first bar (as listened to). This should then show the tempo for that bar, so then make the tempo track to that tempo for the song’s entire length. If it isn’t quite right, you’ll notice this more and more as the song progresses. So Go towards the end of the song, and see how well it is holding. If necessary, fine adjust the tempo, until it feels right at the end of the song also.
It should then be straightforward to drag your other loops into the Project.

Hi Vic, thanks so much for responding. The original loop is a full track taken off the web (loopback). The tempo isn’t constant (I used tempo detector and it varies. I have used audio warp and tightened it up as much as I can but varies between 95 and 99bpm throughout the song. I want to add in some loops from the loop browser and when I audition the loops with the main track playing, the tempos seem to be in sync with the metronome (varying throughout the track but it fits nicely. Problem is, when I insert the loop from loop browser in to the main track the tempo is no longer in sync? Not sure how this is happening?, Hope you can help,


So, the project itself now has a variable temp track, that fits your original audio?
Here, in the Loop Browser, so long as I have activated “Align Beats to Project” in the Previewer at the bottom, I can then drag the Loop into the Project, and it follows perfectly.
What am I missing?

Hi Paul. I’ve just tried this myself, and it works as expected (ie. imported loop follows tempo.)
Are musical mode enabled for the imported loop (the little note symbol in the sample editor)?

Good luck,

Still struggling here I’m afraid. I have created a new project, added a loop and synced up other loops from the loop browser but it just won’t work with my other project? I think it must be somthing to do with the variable tempo track for the main stem? It’s odd that they align when I audition the new loop though. As soon as I insert it in the editor the wheels come off. Thanks for trying to help though guys,



How does your original audio track play against the metronome at the moment?

Hi Vic. The original track (which has a variable tempo) plays along the to the metronome and follows the variations. When I try and insert a loop the tempo goes out of sync drastically yet in the audition part of loop browser it fits neatly?

If you have the time to test this…
Create a new Project, and write some tempo changes.
With the Loop Browser option “Align Beats to Project” activated, drag a Loop from the Browser into the Project, and repeat it a few times (so that it covers the range where you have made tempo changes).
Is the Loop in sync with the metronome?
In the Audio Pool window, does the Loop’s displayed tempo correspond with the tempo it had in the Browser?
And, like Kris said, is Musical Mode checkmarked in the Pool for that loop?