Aligning midi and audio event during edition

Hi ,
In the main windows, when I select both audio and midi container to edit them altogether , I get a full screen windows with the piano roll and once I quit this editor I get the audio container to open in another full screen windows.
In this scenario why not splitting the screen in two with one part with the audio containers and the other with piano roll ? And with these two windows synced ie with all events aligned so it would be possible to work at the same time on audio events and midi events.

feel free to place the windows where you like them…

Sure, I can organize windows the way I want. But what I am talking about it’s piling up the audio and midi windows (or opening all in just one window merging audio and midi events) with one cursor.

No one support this idea…
Maybe I miss something here.

How do you guys edit at the same time audio and midi (for exemple in order to precisely align a midi kick and an audio kick, without using tricks like extracting groove etc. ) ?

It’s probably due to workflow differences, but I don’t really get the need to have both MIDI and audio of the same thing in two different windows for editing.

If I need the audio of a given MIDI part, I either make a render in place (VSTi) or a recording of an external instrument, using a ‘dummy’ bus. In both case, I get an audio, almost aligned (with a delay of something like 5 ms in the VSTi case, and more or less twice that value with an external synth). Both can be easily corrected if really needed (it’s seldom the case, for me…).

Usually, I use the audio after being sure that all the editing of what concerns MIDI has been done, and disable the MIDI track after the audio having been rendered/recorded.

To each his own, of course, but still…

Maybe I was unclear.
I don’t need to align the same thing.

But let’s say I want to align a midi kick (and I don’t want to render it) with an audio conga recording then it would be relevant to open these two tracks in the same window.

Ha ! Now I see… Yep, this could be useful.

If I had to make a feature request about it, I think that my main concern would be to allow two editors in the lower zone : when opening an audio event with a MIDI part already in edition, the audio event could be put in the Sampler Control one as a replacement. This would allow both editors to share the same ruler zooming/placement.

Worth trying so, IMO. Maybe it could get enough users support to incite a further development… :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes : either two windows with synced cursors in each of these windows or one window with audio lanes and midi lanes piled up

I hope to see that in the next version of cubase and thanks a lot for this first vote :grinning:

And if you ask how it could be set up :
Let’s say we are on the main window and we select one audio event on the first track , a midi container on a second track and an audio container with several comped lanes on a third track.
Click right to open the editor.
A full window is opened where we can find :

First lane with the audio event
Second lane with piano roll and midi events
Third lane and below with comped audio events.

A small track with piano roll surrounded with audio track is something you can find in other DAWs. Not 100% sure, but I think ProTools and/or Harrison can do that.