Aligning single staves in Engrave Mode


I want to make a single page with three (separate) staves to explain three different chords (1 measure in each staff).
How should I go about that in engrave mode?..and also lining them up under each other and having the same size frame.

Shift+S will create a System Break (select a bar line first).

You could drag the left/right frame handles to alter the horizontal position of the staves.

Does this help?

thanks for the help.
It does help with other questions I had. However I was to know how to create frames of the same exact size so that everything is uniform. Same would go for text boxes I suppose.

You can’t copy/paste a frame onto the same page but you can copy them to other pages.

Sorry you CAN copy frames to the same page but they will overlap and you just need to drag them into the position you want:

You can also set Frame Constraints so that the frame will maintain it’s size:

If you will be using the same format of frames regularly, you should create a Page Template and sort out the sizes etc so they’re created by default.

hmm, so I may be doing wrong.
I am able to copy frames into other page, however they show up blank…not sure if I missed a step or am missing one

If you want 3 bars in 3 different frames, you can create a Frame Break (Shift+F) instead of a System Break between each bar.

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You’ll need to use the frame selectors to specify what music to display in the frame – if you want music in the same flow to flow through the frames, one after the other, make sure they’re in the same frame chain and ordered correctly (1, 2, 3).

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Thanks to you both.

I am still not able to copy over, but I will go over the steps later on.

I do have one other question: is it possible to create new unique frames within a single page?

I see, but the music frames are dependent on the flows if I want to create a completely new staff on the same page?

I’m not quite sure, but I get the impression that you’re expecting a stave to appear when you create a music frame? Is this correct?

I’m a bit confused, sorry.


what I mean is that I want to create as many new staves on one page to fill in Dorico.
Like my original question where I wanted to have 3 staves independent of each other.

In a way, like creating multiple lead sheets on one page (lead sheets that have nothing to do with each other)…sort of

I think I understand.

If you want completely independent bits of music? Use different flows. Dorico will automatically create enough Music Frames to accomodate music, so create as many flows as you wish (even with just one bar each) and it should just happen. If you change the size of a frame and the next flow can’t fit, Dorico will push all the music forward and create a new frame at the end.

How did I go?


Great explanation. thanks!

in order for me to do what I am thinking of doing, I have to make new Flows.
I assume that disabling the additional Flow tabs/pages from view won’t affect me adding or keeping copied flows into new frames on one page?

I’m a bit slow this morning and not sure what you mean (again) sorry!

Same here lol

I think what I am trying to say is that I don’t want to see the actual flow pages after copying the frames that I want into the one page I am editing.

I hope I am wording that better

I think you did word it better but I’m still too slow! :joy:

Lol I figured.

Is there a way to disable flows from one player and still be able to add a frame from a disabled flow?
Does that make better sense? haha

Since multiple flows can exist on the same page (with or without flow headers) I’m not clear why you would want to do that.

Based on your original question, I would think that using System breaks (perhaps with Hide empty staves in your layout settings ) would be the simplest way to do what you wanted.