Aligning single staves in Engrave Mode

If you’re adding new music frames to your pages, they will by default use frame chains (shown in the top left corner) that start L, e.g. LA, LB, LC. If you only want each flow to appear once in the layout, you need to set all frames to use the same frame chain (generally MA by default). Alternatively you can select any of the frames that use the MA frame chain and set its flows selector (filter thingy, also top left corner) to exclude any flows that appear in L(ayout) frames.

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Thanks guys…I was really overthinking.

Your answers clear everything up for me

Here is an illustration of what I was thinking.
forExample.dorico (473.8 KB)

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Okay, thank you.
I will check it out a little later to see what you did.

Thanks for the example, that helped.

I realize that I can do it two different ways…system breaks and copying flows.