Aligning tempo to midi data

I have searched and failed to find an answer to this.

Cubase 5.

I have a multi-track live rock band recording.
I need to add some sequenced elements, which means I will need the grid aligned to the audio.

I assumed that I would just tap in midi “quarter notes” or “eighth notes” etc, and then:
Midi >
Functions >
Merge tempo from Tapping
and that this would make my grid line up with my poorly timed (but editable) tapped beats.

That seems to work, but it is also stretching and modifying all of the recorded audio data.
That’s not the right answer!

I need the audio to remain unchanged, and my grid/tempo map to conform to that audio (via my midi taps, I presume.)

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, or point me to something that explains what I’m doing wrong?

Read the manual about “musical mode” and “musical-” vs. “linear timebase”

Thanks. Will do.
First thing I tried after reading a bit of that was to unclick the “musical” note from every track (to see what would happen…)
I remember going through this (I believe with Cubase Studio 4,) and wishing there was a beat detector like in PT.
I remember doing the “play your own click track in” thing and making the tempo map match that…
Doing that in the past, worked without any sort of extra steps.

Anyway, merging from midi worked a moment ago without stretching the audio, but now the visual elements do not line up with what one hears… so it looks like more than a cursory reading is required.

I wish I had a paper version of the operation manual! Bah! :slight_smile:

I suspect you have me on the right path, though.

Okay, I’ve read what’s in the manual on the subject, and I THINK I’ve got it worked out…

–EDIT-- Nope. Not solved. The grid and the audio are more closely related now, but it’s like an 8th note out of sync with each other. This isn’t making sense. So… there’s a way to move the GRID around, that I can manually line up with the beats on the song? Or no?

What it seems is that I absolutely DO NOT want to use “Musical Mode” while sorting out the timing, because that’s causing stretching and all of the formant artifacts etc that I have to avoid. But I’m having no luck with hitpoints or warp tabs doing what I thought they should do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE that I’ve been able to do this before, POSSIBLY on Cubase Studio 4, without having to click buttons all over the place, and do anything weird like this.

I am trying to figure out what’s advantageous or more flexible about operating in this format… it seems needlessly more challenging.

You want Warp Tabs to align grid to free time audio.

I’ll look that up now. Thanks.

As I’m learning the terminology of the DAW, are you referring to using Warp Tabs while the audio is all in Linear Time mode? I’m not seeing anything referred to as free time audio.

I am making very little headway here. I don’t understand why Steinberg uses its own terminology…

Free time recording would just mean a recording thats not to a click ie it varies tempo a bit!

Warp tabs allow you to drag the grid to line up with the downbeats of the free-recorded audio. There were some good vids at but I don’t know if they’re still there. Youtube might have some.

No, not Warp Tabs for this (that does the opposite… it warps the audio to fit the current grid).

As the manual describes, you have two methods available for lining up the grid to fit the audio… the TimeWarp tool, and “Merge MIDI from Tapping”. From reading your original post, you were nearly there :wink:

  1. Make sure that “Musical Mode” is not engaged in the Pool, then (not mentioned in the manual, but always a good plan :wink:…) drag your audio so that the first downbeat of the music corresponds to a downbeat in Cubase.
  2. Create your MIDI track for the tapping, and switch it, and any other tracks from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase.
  3. Tap your quarter-notes, as you had done.
    4)MIDI menu>Functions>Merge Tempo from Tapping.

Should work perfectly :wink:/

Okay… so putting everything in linear, and putting the warp tool in grid-only mode, I was able to drag the downbeat of every measure and do this all by hand. It seems to line up, and my audio isn’t screwed up, so warp tabs WILL solve the problem, even if it’s not as elegant of a solution as a beat detector etc.

The merge from midi thing somehow never locked me right on. I know it’s what I USED to do, and I know it should work, so I’m guessing I have a couple little things to check, and that I would have gotten it that way in the end. I had a couple measures right in time, and then everything after that ended up slightly off of the grid spacing I was hoping for. Ultimately for this specific project, lining up the downbeat with beat 1 of each measure.

This video from Steinberg helped a bunch, once I figured out a few other variables.

I appreciate your time and willingness to help.

Hate to disagree, but WT’s allow you to drag the grid to fit the audio. :wink:

I think you are using the wrong terminology :wink:… Warp Tabs are part of the Wave Editor (pg.240 of the Cubase 5 Operation Manual.pdf). I think you are meaning the TimeWarp tool (pg.408).

It’s always been the Timewarp tool for me!