Aligning the tempo of a song with a very unstable tempo

Does anyone know how I can make the tempo equal in a song that has a very jumping tempo? For example the tempo jumps from 115 to 125BPM almost every few seconds, it’s an orchestral song and I’d like the tempo to be, say, 120 so I can remix the song. Anyone have any hints?

First you create the tempo map for the song. That is for each bar you tell Cubase through its tempo track the speed of that bar in the audio file.
Then you use “Set definition from tempo” to incorporate these tempo infos into the audio file.
Then you delete the tempo map and switch on the musical mode for the event of the audio file.

Are you familiar with the terms I used or do you need a more detailed description?

Thanks, I understand what you mean. I’ll try when I get home :smiley:

Cubase has some automated features to help, but here’s how to do it manually:

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I did what you mentioned and the tempo in the project is changing :no_mouth:

I got it all right though, I removed all the points from the Tempo Track and set the tempo to 120BPM and it’s ok. Thanks a lot @Johnny_Moneto . Thank you too @kelp for manual solution, I will try it too!

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