Alignment of dynamics

I can’t seem to figure this out:
My process:
shift+D, pppp and the result looks great, all well aligned.
If I then delete ‘mp’, then shift+D and input ‘p’ as a replacement, the alignment is out.

A second, related issue:
This time I added the dynamic marking to the notes individually i.e. 3x shift+D, then I add the hairpins using < and >
The dynamics do not align.

Is there a way to align the dynamics in Write mode without having to manually move them around in Engrave mode?

Though the concept has been introduced in the Documentation (as well as colloquially, when the feature was first implemented), it isn’t yet very well laid out, perhaps. What you’re intuitively looking for are what should be called Dynamic Groups.

Grouping dynamics ensures consistent alignment. Entering dynamics already as a group (as a single gesture) in the popover will group them from inception, which was what you did. Deleting your mezzo piano did not, in principle, dissolve the group, but it created an unrelated (as far as Dorico is concerned) dynamic marking.

You can do one of two things:

  1. select the marking you want to substitute, open the popover and input the new marking. No need to delete the old one: it’ll be replaced, keeping the group intact.
  2. select all the dynamic markings, right-click and select Dynamics > Group Dynamics.

As for your second issue, Dorico, in principle, should automatically group dynamics entered in sequence. It might’ve failed because the order of operations wasn’t rhythmically sequential (my speculation). Either way, my suggestions above apply in this case as well. In a case where Dorico has no reason to assume dynamics should be grouped, you can always manually group them via the context menu.

Ah! Amazing - that makes so much sense as a function. Thank you for pointing it out :slight_smile: