Alignment of long lyrics with bar length, recitative

Hello, I am a new user to Dorico, having previously used Sibelius and Finale. I love the flows functionality and the ability to manoeuvre frames. One thing is making it very difficult to be sure that I can keep using Dorico, especially for importing files, however: the appearance of bars with long lyrics. I would like to import many files to Dorico, with many words to single notes and also to write more music for Church use, in recitative style. I am not sure that it is wise to manually move barlines and notes around in Engrave mode. I have tried to select “make space for lyrics” in the layout options, but I still have some clashing notes and poor spacing. I have tried to use the excellent tutorial by Daniel Spreadbury on The Preces, but it is not going to be easy to reposition and change the note spacing for many such long notes. I guess this may be a feature request, to be able to get Dorico to fit bar lengths to be close to the size of long lyrics. Please, if anyone has any suggestions of what to do for many (hundreds) of such long notes, I would be very grateful, as I am not sure that I can keep using Dorico to import my existing music. Thank you.

Edit: I must add that this niche difficulty is not specific to Dorico - my (old) versions of other leading music software have had the same issue and greater difficulties with plainchant. It can take many hours manually to get a good result. It is an unusual notation!
Penitential Act 12th Jan 2019_2023_PriestCopy.dorico (1.5 MB)

Thanks for attaching your project. I think the changes we’ve made in Dorico 5.1.20 for ties at the end of the system suggest a way forwards for lyrics that might provide a mechanism that would allow us to handle this more gracefully. The fundamental issue is that Dorico doesn’t “know” that it needs to leave more room for the lyrics unless there is another lyric following the current one, and when you have a system that ends with a wide lyric, there’s nothing for the lyric to push against. However, the new mechanism we’ve added for ties could potentially be applied to lyrics as well – I will discuss with my colleague who is our spacing expert.

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