Alignment of (not in) Text Frames


New user (from Finale) here. Loving Dorico 3.5.

I would love to have the option for a new text frame to be centered - or right or left justified.

For example, in a new project, I want to enter a dedication frame above the title in the default Master page. Unless I am missing something, center alignment of this new frame would make things easier especially if I’m using {@projectDedication@}. I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything on this. Any help appreciated.

There may be better ways, but the way I do it is to anchor the right and left boundaries of the text frame on the page margins and set the text to be center justified. Kind of klunky compared to Finale.

Thanks, Bruce. Yes a bit klunky. Still figuring Dorico out but it seems quite a bit “snappier” than Finale and seems to have less (if any) data glitches.

Yes, that’s the best way at present: a full-width frame, with the text centered in it.

Dorico already has a number of advantages over Finale in its use of frames (I say this as someone who used TONS of text items in Finale over the years, including a music theory course). I already vastly prefer Dorico. But it’s still relatively young in this area. In time Dorico will likely add functions like comprehensive tabs, snapping to align frames, and text frames that are linked (like music frame chains presently).

Thanks, Dan. I am, as you said, VASTLY preferring Dorico - just learning the ropes of master pages and percussion kits right now but I’m sold on the program. I will most likely not go back to Finale except to export older projects to .musicxml.

Extra tip for frames: use Tab to toggle between handles (which allow you to change their size) and whole-selection (which allows you to move the frame itself, or Enter to edit it). You can use exclusively arrows, Alt-arrow, Ctrl-Alt-arrow to navigate without the mouse.

Here’s a two-part tutorial I did on master pages:

The official Dorico tools are obviously the place to start: the YouTube videos and the online manual.