alignment to CD frame boundaries

“The end marker of track 2 is not aligned to a CD frame boundary. This is not allowed because the track is followed by another track without pause. To solve this problem, move the marker slightly. WaveLab Pro then quantizes the position”

I get this warning in both Wavelab 8.5 and Pro 9.5 when I try to create a Basic Audio CD and import tracks. When I move the marker ( I have done this several times) or if I delete the marker and recreate it in a slightly different spot…then save the file…the same warning comes up.

Therefore I can’t burn the Basic Audio CD. Why don’t markers snap to CD frame boundaries automatically…and why doesn’t the above advice to ‘move the marker slightly’ do what it is claimed to do.
Can there be a bug fix to automatically make such snapping to boundaries occur…or a manual method to achieve this ?

At the present time “Wavelab Pro does not quantize the position” when I follow this advice

If you transform the Basic Audio CD to a montage, does it work? (there is a command for this).

BTW, I am not sure the Basic Audio CD will remain in the next big WaveLab update, as all its features are covered by the Audio Montage.

yes I converted to Montage and it worked from there…it’s just frustrating to have guidance about moving the markers which doesn’t give a satisfactory solution at all…so maybe you could disable the warning if the Basic Audio CD does survive the next update.

I would miss the Basic Audio CD…if I want to compile a CD from several source files, this is a 1 step process…I don’t want to have to assemble a montage from these several tracks, that would add another step in the process. ?

It would be a good idea to seek opinions from the userbase here and consider the pros and cons of abandoning the Basic Audio CD, before launching out on a personal tangent, unsupported by users’ wishes. PG is not Wavelab…Wavelab is not PG (remember the faux pas called WL7 (

It would be a good idea to seek opinions from the userbase here and consider the pros and cons of abandoning the Basic Audio CD

I know a couple of users would prefer to keep the basic audio CD. But there is nothing that the Basic Audio CD can do that the montage can’t do. And keeping the BACD means more maintenance. I have this in mind since WaveLab 7… I think the time comes.

To create a Cd from a set of audio files, thanks to a montage, is extremely easy. The only extra step is to call the CD Wizard, once the files are added. Just a matter of opening a dialog and pressing OK.
With the added benefit that CD markers are not added to the audio files.