All 3rd Party VST 3 plugins today refuse to load? How to I force a VST3 rescan?


In the meantime, i brought back Windows to “zero-state” , reinstalled Cubase, Waves, Slate and Nexus and everything works.

It seems that has to do with million “restributables” in the system, I don’t see any other reason.

Hey @mart! Did your VST3 problem mysteriously go away on its own, or did you find a fix?

Hi Mlineb,

I decided to take the plunge and moved to Windows 11. and also updated to Nuendo 12.0.30. I had been worried about moving to Windows 11 as Windows 10 ‘had’ been great - but I guess that ship had sailed so …

The intermittent VST3 plugins not loading hasn’t hit me the past week of use since, but yes as you say, its more throwing updates at the wall that has helped and mysterious fix ( so far). I counted the issue to be caused by something in the windows or windows defender side of things and my hope was that Windows 11 would give a fresh OS files that might make a fix. I will keep the thread posted.

Windows 11 seems snappier than 10 and fairly solid - at least on my machine and hardware.

WaveShell was the culprit for me! Thank you for suggesting it might be the problem. When in doubt, remove WaveShell from the plugin folders!

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Thank you!!! As soon as I removed the vst2 path all is working well, after weeks of troubleshooting. I was about one hour away from moving to Logic.

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The way i´m doing is by using simbolink links.
I ve installed an application called link shell extentions. It lives on the windows explorer. I right click my F:\Acustica Audio\VST3 plugins , select “pick link source” then i create a folder inside c:\programFiles\Commonfiles\VST3\Acustica Audio and right click that folder and “Drop as link”
Cubase sees all installed Acustica plugins.

Link for the app i use if anyone wants.

simbolink links become dead or unreadable and they have a little arrow on the folder, your going in have to install them maually. Cubse don’t like the dead link in vst3 folder, links are good as long as the installation files are still there. So if your folder vst3 has and arrow and you can’t click on it, thats becuase the original installer is moved or deleted.

installers that install quick cmd don’t work when the installer files are deleted or moved. the install becomes dead and the link is missing so it ruins the whole vst3folder. Removing the dead vst3folder will fix and will go back to normal.

the folder will have a arrow of missing link.

sorry i was thinking of a installer type.

Afer 4 months nothing died on my side and i still have them all working with simbolinks…

Same experience. I’ve been hounded by ‘The Cubase Community’ (not on here) twice for daring to say Cubase isn’t stable and asking about an alternative. I don’t think these Cubase ‘fanatics’ are helping at all, begging constantly for another paid update on Club Cubase and accepting anything they are given. I can’t give Steinberg anymore money, I’m absolutely shocked that 2 of the finest groups of engineers in the world the Germans and/or the Japanese produce this thing. Any discussion of ‘a quicker workflow’ is ridiculous. My work flow since I bought Cubase 11 and 12 has been slow, awkward, anger inducing and often grinds to a complete halt. I dread learning a new software but it’s got to happen, either Ableton or Bitwig.

Nothing to see here, move along sir, your problems are due to your underperforming PC (or Mac? :scream:), Sound Card, Hard Drive, optical/firewire lead, cooling system, graphics card, electricity supplier, cat/dog, and or wife or husband.

I will have you know that Cubase is 100% bug-free. :roll_eyes:

I think you may be on to something here, if tangentially.

I’ve long believed Nicola Tesla was a far better charlatan and huckster than actual scientist, and I have always had my doubts about alternating current as the best source of electricity to power my DAW. All the out of phase AC oscillations can’t be helping Cubase’s stability any either, and it’s pretty obvious any system built to run on both 120V/60 Hz as well as 240V/50Hz is probably doomed from the start.

Anyway, FR here: Steinberg can you please include a preference for running Cubase on a rectified direct current computer, how hard can that be?

Thank you

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What can I say, my friend, I am a genius, after all. :wink:

In all seriousness, I never thought of this…

SOLVED IT; the VST-plugin-manager allows to add the path for *vst-2-*plugin-folders. however, it seems to not like the path to the default vst3-folder (C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3). so after removing the vst3-folder path from the plugin-manager, I refreshed and suddenly the plugins were there!