All 8 Outputs

I work in a 3 room studio. I must be able to use all 8 outputs of the MR816x at the same time.

Recording software is Cubase 7.

I’m only able to get the speaker monitors (outputs 1 & 2) and or outputs 3 & 4, or 5 & 6 or 7 & 8 to give me output. I need to have all 8 outputs working at the same time.

Note: outputs 3 & 4, 5 & 6, 7 & 8 are 1/4" cabled into separate headphone amps.

Note: I believe I’ve configured the Cubase 7 control room correctly.

  1. Does the MR816 have this capability?
  2. If so, can anyone give me a detailed setup procedure using the MR816 and Cubase 7.

I appreciate your time.


Yes it is possible, just make sure that in device setup all channels are actived, and mapped in the vst connection.

Firing on all 8 outputs here no problems. I just set up the outputs I need in VST Connections and of I go.

Having said that, VST Connections sometimes looses my output activation settings when re-opening a project, so I usually just pass by there and check that, before getting down to work on the project. After that, it runs fine and doesn’t lose the output activation assignments.