All about Level Meters

  1. Currently it is only possible to have a global level meter setting, showing either the input levels, pre or post fader levels.
    Since there is a meter bridge, it would make sense to be able to set the meter bridge level meters to “input”-levels
    and at the same time the channel fader level meter on the mixer to “output”(pre/or post).
    This way you could easily see if a Synth comes in already overdriven or if an effect in the fx slot is causing the overdrive.

  2. If an effect is causing the overdrive, this effectslot should be highlighted in red to immediately see where exactly the overdrive occurs without having to check each single plugin manually.

With both these features you would instantly see any overdrive in the project mixer view and where exactly it happens,
from the incoming signal through each single effect until the output signal. Please make this real, it shouldnt be much of effort but safe so much time instead of checking each single plugin for its output level meters.

Thanks in advance!


Absolutely +1!