All About That Bass writer says he got $5,679 from 178m stre

I take my hat off to anyone that can make an honest living in these interesting times!

Kevin Kadish, who wrote All About That Bass, says he made just $5,679 (£3,700) from 178 million streams of the song.
“I’ve never heard a songwriter complain about radio royalties as much as streaming royalties,” Mr Kadish said.
“That was the real issue for us, like one million streams equals $90 (£59).”

I keep hearing a lot of bad stuff about those streaming services. Taylor Swift doesn’t want her music on Spotify.
They’re a ripoff. I read they paid their top grossing artist " Elvis " only $5000… They’re legally ripping off artists for now. I hope this is not the future of music. Apple is getting into it.