All about UR guide

Dear UR users,

We’ve created a document that gives more insight into the technology and development of the UR series. You can find the PDF file of the “All about UR guide” here.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber


Very useful overview indeed. However, may I suggest you to let it be proofread by someone who is a native English speaker? As it is now, it is sometimes a bit difficult to read.


I just ordered a UR28M for my laptop (I already have 2 MR816’s for my desktop) and I really enjoyed reading this pdf.
It gives the product a human face.

I still hope Yamaha/Steinberg will produce a USB based analog summing audio interface with integration into Cubase though, so I could apply analog summing to my laptop mixes without needing 16 output channels and a separate summer :slight_smile:

I wanted to know when the technical spec of the UR44 will be available online. I’m looking forward to buy this new sound card but i want to check more in details what it got in its guts before. :smiley:

Download the operation manual from the download page, therein you’ll find the schematic and other relevant info. Together with the info on the webpage and in regard to info about the entire UR family as a whole, you should have enough.

Hi am thinking of getting a UR44 which comes with Cubase Ai to record guitars and also midi from my Roland XP80 synth, Will the software enable me to view XP80 patch information and also store patch midi change date so when playing back the recording the xp80 plays the right sounds? Apologies if this is not the right forum but I can’t find any advice on this.