All audio clips in one folder

Hello I would really appreciate if someone could help me with this.
I recorded 6 songs. Making a project folder for each. When I started each new song I saved the existing one as a new name and (I thought) specified the new folder as it’s project folder however when I finished the session I found that the audio clips for all 6 songs were stored in the audio folder of the first song despite the .cpr file being in the correct project folder.
Is there any way to separate the clips and put them in their own audio folders. I have searched the manual to no avail.
Many thanks in advance

Search it a bit more thorough.This will also help you with such basics as “save” and “save as”…
What you’ re looking for is “Backup project”

You should have started a new project for each different song, each with its own project directory. Best thing is to create a template first and start each song form there. As you’ve now already recorded, the way to go is indeed to use ‘project backup’.