All Backup Project Audio glitching since Hardrive failure.

My god this is worrying as all my backed up projects are like this. Thee audio acts like it’s corrupted but it’s fine outside of Cubase.

I keep Cubase and all plugins installed on C. The other night My E drive failed (which contains purely my Cubase projects and large sample databases like Omnisphere/Trillian’s STEAM etc).

Not to worry i thought as i regularly back up my projects to external hardrives so it’s just a case of loading them from a different location. I haven’t yet replaced my E Drive so can only currently load the backups from my F External drive.

Obviously because Omnisphere and Trillian were on E i get a few errors when loading the project at the beginning - but all the audio loads as normal and all the audio sounds fine from within the backup Audio folders. It is when i playback in cubase certain audio tracks dont play despite the audio being there, others glitch white noise really loudly or pop and click. It’s like cubase is mixed up over what audio is on what track. A vinyl fx track i have plays abit of that track and then part of another, then white noise and pops etc.

Does anyone know whats happening? I reiterate the Audio within the backup folder works fine when played on VLC but not when inside Cubase.

I have found one thread with someone saying something similar here