All beam related commands inactive

I am trying to change the partial beam direction of the upper note (f#) in the attached screenshot of a harp part but the activation buttons in the properties panel for beaming related commands keep flipping to off when I try to activate them. Only the beam direction (flat, up , down) one works. I removed the rest in the screenshot but it does not work either with the rests in place nor without the glissando.

I’m not sure what you are describing. Can you show voice colors and explain the problem more completely?



That note doesn’t have a beam - just a flag. First you need to turn it into a single-note beam, by selecting the note and doing “Beam Together”. Then you should be able to set the direction.


Many thanks Richard. That is the solution. I often split and connect beams and even have key commands for the two actions but I had never connect them on two different staves. Just beaming the group of notes together automatically does exactly what I need. Attached the next harp gliss in the piece now presented as in the original score.