All "content" on a second HDD?

Hi All:

I’m setting up my new PC and it occurred to me how convenient it would be to have my very large libraries sitting on my secondary drive. This way if I ever have to wipe my OS again, all I need to do is install the programs and not the hundreds of GB of content along with them.

I’ve received help from Spectrasonics support on how to do this for Omni, Trillian, and RMX. And I think I can make my NI Komplete instruments be anywhere I want. But I’d like to move my Steinberg stuff as well. Specifically I’m talking about the stuff on the VST Sound Collection DVD and the HSO content. I went ahead and installed all of this on my main HDD, but I want to find it, drag-drop it onto the new HDD, and point anything that cares to the new location.

Does anybody know comprehensively which components we’re talking about here? I know for sure:

    • Halion One
  • HSO
  • Groove Agent One

I’m guessing:

    • Media Bay

Anything else?

Also where is it all installed now? I suppose I could run the installers again and point them to the second HDD and then search for dupes as well if nobody knows :wink:

  • 1 and audio recordings by default to a second drive.

We are in the days now of SATA and eSATA we don’t need this sub folder business as if we are using photoshop or something like that

I’m betting that a few tweaks and I can get all the content on the secondary drive and wire it all up properly… if someone could just share those tweaks :slight_smile: I don’t want to waste more time figuring out how to get it to work than I would save by doing this :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping it will be a completely streamlined and user friendly experience come the time of Cubase 6!