All Control Room settings lost - could this be due to the installation of Spectral Layers Pro 8?

I upgraded to Spectral Layers 8 Pro yesterday and installed the app without the usual precautions like system backups …

SL Pro opened with some strange ASIO error messages which I basically ignored, switching back to the “proper” ASIO driver for my RME MADI card. But now it seems that the app messed around a lot with the audio driver, because Nuendo 11 not just lost its most recent Control Room settings, but also all presets I created for it.

… is this a known issue, or a specific problem on my system?

Strange … I just did the exact same thing yesterday, and didn’t notice anything wrong.
Everthing works as expected.

BTW, SL 8 is really fantastic !!!


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I didn’t lose all my settings, but an extra Out became enabled, and the output was too loud and distorted.
Best solution is to go to Studio- Audio Connections (or just press F4),
and save all settings of Ins, Outs, and Control Room as presets, then load them if you happen to lose them.

You’d think so. Thing is that all the presets vanished, too.

Load your working version N11.0.20 and save the working presets.
Then in 11.0.30 load them.

Uhm, I think you misunderstood the issue. There was no “working version” any longer. I had to re-build my quite elaborate 3D monitoring settings by hand.

I look forward to testing it out!! nice to read

I never update without being able to go back to the previous version.
No need for that kind of risk because there are several options,
and it may not be as small as a single setting.

Of course you’re right, but would you really expect the installation of application A damaging the existing setup of application B …?

Yes, you do have a point, earlier versions sometimes change your fine tuned settings of your current working version. And sometimes even loading an older song, changes current settings of your latest Nuendo. Maybe those settings, like the sound card, must remain common for stability, but I don’t know exactly Steinberg’s reason, but I know it’s linked to Windows, because Steinberg’s software always rides on top of Windows drivers and settings.

What I do, is save a song as a Template, which has been evolving for over 30 years, and all settings are saved where presets are available, like Ins and Outs and Control Room of the sound card, for example, so I can recall them any time.

I always start a new project from that Template, and right after Backup the Project to a new folder with the new song’s name, with all samples, settings, Work spaces and reference songs in it.

Hello Dietz

Think Steinberg has a problem with saving the system.
The main problem is save and recall the whole system.
The only way is to copy the whole root system, or with drive clone the main ssd.
Normal C:\Users\your computername\AppData\Roaming\ Steinberg\Nuendo 11_64
I can not believe, since 20 years of cubase, nuendo… there is no button do do this for us.
first never change a running system :slight_smile: but we have to do this, because running means somtimes walking.
Next week I have time to do the same as you, with the same rme driver, we will see.


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