All direct offline processing fails


first, I am quite new to Cubase so I am quite sure that I have missed something in the setup and appreciate any input on what it might be.

The problem is that I cannot apply any effects under processing (reverse, time-strech etc) I always get the message “processing failed”, the icon of the function I want to apply is visible in the upper right corner of the object but no actual processing is made.

I have installed Cubase in my D drive and what I have seen is that some seem to have problems with this when Cubase is installed on any other drive than C: (input on this?)

Appreciate any input you might have


Direct Offline Process is not in Cubase LE/AI. Have you posted it to a wrong thread? Do you own Cubase Pro (which is the only one Cubase edition, where is Direct Offline Process available)?

If you are on Cubase Pro, is Auto Apply enabled? Could you attach a screenshot?

Officially it’s not supported to install Cubase to other than system C drive. So this might be an issue.

Thanks for answering!
Not sure if auto apply is enabled. But if cubase is only supported to install in C: I’ll re-install it and see if it helps.
Will post the result here.

Screenshots attached

After re-installing on C: it worked! thanks for helping out, Martin.
All the best!