All Dorico audio is dead, other audio OK

Just “upgraded” from Apple 10.14 to OS 11. Audio has worked since OS 11 while entering notes, but not now. All worked fine in 10.14. I tried Dorico beep and was able to get a wood block sound. However, now, until I deleted Dorico beep from my project, I could get no sound. When I deleted Dorico beep from the project the sound returned. I want Dorico beep wood block to use as a metronome.
What’s a way to do that without killing all the other sounds?

I’m a bit confused. You say that you deleted DoricoBeep. How did you do that? It shall always be there and I don’t even know a way of deleting it.
Did you maybe (accidentally) solo DoricoBeep so that then all other channels are mute.?
And is it only with that one project or with every other as well?
If you are in the no-audio state, please choose from the menu Help >Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

You may be right that I muted everything but DoricoBeep. I would have to investigate to learn how that’s done. I am finding this part of Dorico to be obscure and time-consuming. I’d rather just be notating and editing music. However, I will try to satisfy your request as a good citizen here. Dorico does a lot for me.

If no instrument is selected and if you hit Alt-S, then DoricoBeep gets soloed and everything else mute.

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