All edits lost!! NO History!! NO Undo!!

I spent 2 hours editing the drums, then I realized I had removed the kick drum (forgot to lock it doh!!) went into history and found it, brought it back, made a copy and went back to history end and Executed it back. and all my edits are gone. there is no undo. And now there is no history at all.

What did I miss or muck-up here guys? I thought it was my Hard drive, and did a test on it and it says its ok, but that means nothing to me.

Please advise.

Thank you

It’s the way Undo works. Go back through x undo stages, make one (undoable) change, and all the subsequent undo’s have gone.

No I made no un-doable changes. I could see it in the history at first as RE- “executed” but it would not show the edits on the timeline. I hit save because I suspected it was the Hard Drive. When I re-opened, it was all gone. Even my undos.

Actually I’m pretty sure it is the Hard Drive now, because it just did it again on a new edit. I was Group Editing the drums and did 3 edits, went to undo them and the option was not available.

Unless I’m still missing something here in Nuendo 5.5.3?

Try opening your edit history and select the options icon in the lower left. Make sure the box is checked that says ‘Use Undo Branches’

Darren “Hopeful” Ingram

Yeah that was on the list of things I did the first (forgot to mention it) Did not make a difference. I’m pretty sure its the HD folks. I have never had this happen before.

Unless there are issues with group edit, I’m still thinking Hard Drive.

I guess if it’s the harddrive you will notice some “other” issues as well…