ALL FabFilter PlugIns crashing Cubase when closing PlugIn window

Hey everyone,

i have a serious problem with my FabFilter PlugIns since the update to 10.0.15. I own the Total Bundle.

Every single Fabfilter PlugIn crashes Cubase when I try to

  1. close the Plugin window
  2. try to “use the generic GUI”
  3. try to change the “keep in foreground” option of the window

All FabFilter (VSTi included) Plugins, VST3 and VST2 are affected. The window goes white and after two seconds, Cubase shuts down.
I tried every combination of FabFilter Installers (old and new) and all Cubase versions up to 10.0.5 (and even 9.5!). The Problem stays, i can’t work on any projects, in which I have used FabFilter PlugIns, as soon as I open one, I can never close it again or Cubase crashes.
When I tried using a “wrapper” PlugIn (DDMF Metaplugin), it crashed that one too.
Only FabFilter Plugins are problematic, everything else, VST2 and VST3, works (Softube, Melda, PlugIn Alliance etc.).

I’m running WIN 10 Pro x64 1803, Build 17134.590.
I did update to 1809, build 17763.316, but that didn’t change anything either.
Lenovo Thinkpad p52s, so it’s an up to date machine.

Any ideas or similar experiences are welcome, as this is a MAJOR inconvinience…

The FabFilter guys just came up with the solution, it’s a graphic driver bug…

"It sounds like these crashes are related to the latest Nvidia 419.17 graphics driver, see this thread:

To all who posted in this thread, are you using this driver version? From what we’ve hear, the 418.81 driver version works without any problems so please try to use that driver version instead.

Frederik (FabFilter) — Mar 5, 2019"

Did anyone resolve this issue beyond the graphic driver fix?

Did the driver issue not work? I’m a new user of fabfilter and run Cubase 10, no crashes here, intel graphics.