All faders down by 5 dB with write automation

I have i question about volume change. I want all my faders down by 5 dB.
Using Cubase 7 and 7.5

I know i can select in the mixer all faders and Qlink on. When i pull down a fader by 5 dB they all follow. But the faders with volume fader automation jump back to what the fader volume automation is set to.

Is there a way to also pull down all the fader volume automations at once? So i do not have to do that for each separate channel ? And still maintain the volume automation at a lower 5 dB position.

Couldn’t find this in the forum or tutorails.

Thanks in advance… Fedde

You very possibly need to set the automation mode to crossover in the automation panel if I understand your problem correctly. This should ensure the faders remain where you last leave them.

Thanks BriHar for the advice. Tried it. Getting close.
Set to crossover. But only when i activate suspend volume ( read) all faders go down 5dB. But this deactivate volume automation.
Guess i have to mix a couple of hours to change all volume automation down manual by 5dB

You can do this! (Or at least I think you can)

I’ve just found out that it’s possible with the Project Logical editor… after saying that it’s not and putting a post on here, and in my frustration playing with a preset.

OK, here goes:

1: Open the Project Logical Editor
2: Summon the preset: Examples > Delete Volume Automation
3: Change the function at the bottom from “Delete” to “select”
4: In the “filter” area, delete the second line, which reads Container Type Is Equal Track
5: Hit Apply.

You should now see all the volume automation is selected, and in the info line at the top, there will be a figure (in yellow) that you can change - mine was 0.00 and if I changed it to -5.00 then all the volume automation got reduced by 5dB.

Let me know if this works? I’ve not got a project with lots of volume and other automation on my laptop here, but I’ve set something up and it appeared to work OK?

you can use the “trim” mode in automation, never tried it on all tracks, but i assume it work with Q-link,make sure the selectors are set from the beginning of song to end as the trim trims by the locators area.
read more about it in manual(,long time didnt use it :exclamation:)

Edit: some links about cubase automation

would pulling the Master fader down by 5dB do it?

Or alternatively, putting a group just before the master, have any tracks currently routed to the master fader instead routed to your new group, and pulling down the fader on your new group by 5 dB?

It can be done. I needed this and this worked for Me - JSQ had the answer spot on.

I needed the job to be done. So i did it manual. But Djaycela, mozizo, Alexix, thanks for the tips.
Tried the project Logical editor…but never used logical editor before…User since the late 80’s on the Atari :slight_smile:)
I will try the trim mode if i have some time again.
Thought of some extra subgroups myself and already had the masterfader way down :slight_smile: