.all files that i cant open and want to convert to mid files

I have some very old .ALL files which I worked on them in the past and cannot open. Ive tried old version of Cubase etc but they just crash.

I wonder if there is someone who wouldn’t mind if I emailed you the .ALL files and you could convert them to midi files and send them back to me???
or if you can tell me which specific version of cubase for sure can load the .all files (and if the version is working i will convert them to mid files ) and attached here the link of this working version

Id be so gratefull

many thanks


I don’t remember an .all file.

Maybe before my time.

There was a .bun file which was a cubase file that had the audio in it.

Are you sure it’s a cubase file? What did you use to create them?

i create those files on my old keyboard GEM WS2
its work that i done in many days and i dont want to lose it
i read on the network that those files can be read in cubase sx3
if someone can send me link of that cubase sx3 that worked and can read those file
or if i can send it to someone who can help me that can convert those .all files to mid files
it will help me a lot

.all files go way back to C-VST. You will need to install an Older version (SX I believe will do) of Cubase in order to convert these. Your current Cubase License (from C4 up) should entitle you to install older versions. For more info there should be something in the Knowledge Base.

SX-3 was the last version of Cubase that Steinberg equipped with backwards compatibility all the way back to the Atari days. Not only that, but Steinberg had been steadily improving the feature throughout Cubase’s development and made it damn near perfect in SX-3. Not only will it read .ALL files, it’ll read .ARR and .PRT as well. It’s a pity that they didn’t continue the upkeep of this functionality through the C4 to C6 series.

I recently brought a couple of Atari generated Cubase files back from the dead using SX-3 quite successfully. I was surprised at how much original information was present in the rebuilt Projects. Right down to the original Drummaps used at the time.

Here’s the two best tips I can give you:

  1. Before launching SX-3, temporarily change the name of your VST plugins folder so SX-3 doesn’t “see” it while launching. Otherwise SX-3 will keep crashing during initialization attempting to read modern plug-ins that it can’t deal with at all.

  2. When you save out from SX-3 as a .CPR file, try opening it in C7-7.5. If it fails, it will most likely open in C6-6.5. Save it again for a C7 launch.

I negotiated with Steinberg for a Cubase VST32 licence, I had to send a photo of my sawn in half LPT blue dongle :slight_smile: I can go back to all my .arr, .all and.sng files for conversion. Unfortunately they are all sh!te as my music was not as good as I thought I was at the time. :astonished: I wish you better luck :smiley:

Don’t know about the licenses but it should work that you could install sx3:


i didnt find any link to open in your reply i find empty library, maybe you can send again working link ? thanks


i have a problem that my cubase crash when i try to opertae
1 /can you send me link to cubase sx3 that workerd for you and write to me some tips and the step by step how to launch it ? and i will use this link

2/ how can i convert the .all files to mid files ? those files were used and played with my GEM WS2 (my old keyboard )and i want to use the mid file in my new KORGPA600 keyboard ?

3/can you or someone here make the convertion for me from .all to mid if i will send you some .all file to convert ?


Sorry, I thought that maybe you could download the program from there but it’s just the updates, looks like.

Here’s the official link:
Re: Cubase VST Song import in Cubase 4/5: a solution

The exact link to download SX3 for Windows CD installer is here:
If it doesn’t download when you click it, then it must be either your browser or internet connection. It’s on Steinberg’s FTP server so your browser must support FTP. To run it, you need a license on your eLicenser for at least Cubase SX3 or higher (Cubase 4,5,6,7 or 8).

i click the link of cubase sx3 download
click setup.exe its start to download files and its crash !!!
what can i do ??
please your help

What version of Windows do you have?

i use windows 7
i had years ago licence for cubase and now i dont
and i just want to convert those .all files to mid files
can someone send me link to operarte the cubase sx3 for trial only ,i need it for one or two days thats all and i really need it only for to convertion of those files
i dont want to pay again for licence
please help me

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